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Borne Features

From the markets of Marrakesh to the vineyards of Tuscany, Borne was created for the adventurous, modern explorer. Let Borne be your passport to fluency.


Easy Access

Instant access. No scheduling required. Learn on your phone, anytime & anywhere.


No Judgments

Navigate new languages in a supportive environment, where mistakes are a part of the journey.


Low Cost

Elevate your language skills without a premium price tag. Learn effective while saving smarter.


Wide Variety

Expand your horizons with the world’s most popular languages. Global dialects at your fingertips.


AI-Powered Corrections

Master languages with AI insights, offering real-time corrections from spelling to sentence structure.


Track Goals

Set your milestones and conquer them, one language at a time. Track your journey to fluency.

How Does It Work?

Create your account, select the language or languages you want to learn, and start speaking with Borne today!

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App screen
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step 1

Create your account

Set up your account in seconds. Select a plan that syncs well with your goals, and the numbers of hours you plan to practice speaking a new language each month. Modify your plan as needed as you progress in your language learning journey.

step 2

Select a language

Borne currently supports English, Spanish, French and Italian, with new languages being added every month. Enjoy the flexibility of switching between languages anytime and anywhere, adapting your learning journey to your needs and curiosity.

step 3

Start speaking

Advance your language skills by practicing speaking with your Al language partner Borne. Receive instant feedback, share clips with your friends and translate text as needed. Conversations that dynamically adapt based on your preferences and interests.

Learn a language naturally,
speak it fluently

  • Interactive conversations
  • Instant feedback
  • Real-world growth
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Set SMART goals,
make measurable progress

Easy Payments

Guide your conversations by establishing SMART goals for every conversation.

Regular Cashback

Set and reach your targets for how many minutes to speak a language each week.

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Language Learners are Loving Borne

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We’re preparing to launch our affiliate program Borne Ambassadors, where you'll be able to help us spread the joy of language learning on the Borne platform and be directly rewarded for your efforts. You can join the waitlist here. For those interested in more formal partnerships or for individuals with large social media followings (10,000+), please contact us at partners@borne.ai for more details on how we may be able to work together.

Yes! At Borne, we are set up to work with various organizations, including corporates, hospitals and educational institutions, offering tailored enterprise plans that suit them best. Whether you're looking to integrate a comprehensive language learning solution into your workplace or offer conversational practice to students, we can discuss customizable options that align with your organization's unique learning goals and requirements. To learn more about our enterprise solutions, reach out to us at partners@borne.ai.

Yes! This is a priority for us. We currently offer English as a base language, Spanish and Arabic versions to be rolled out soon to cater to our growing global community. Our roadmap involves expanding to a wide variety of base languages, underpinning our commitment to a truly global community. Stay updated on our localization progress and have a say in our next offerings by following us on social media. Your input is invaluable—suggest new languages you'd like us to include and be a part of helping to guide the Borne platform!

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