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Customer Success Specialist at Casa

New York City | Marketing | Full-time | Updated: April 11, 2019, 10:33 a.m.

Job Description

The Role

Casa is looking for a front end engineer to help build and strengthen our user facing web sites and applications. In this role you will:

- Collaborate with our product manager to improve existing interfaces and build new ones that enhance the Casa product ecosystem
- Collaborate with our designers to implement simple and friendly user experiences.
- Specialize in building responsive and elegant web applications
- Optimize web applications to improve their speed
- Develop prototypes and iterate quickly in response to feedback

- Successful track record as a UI Engineer / Front-End Engineer
- Proficiency with NodeJS, React, Vue.js, REST
- Detail-oriented with special attention to design
- Familiar with principles of good user experience design
- Familiar with software engineering best practices (unit testing, automation, source control, design patterns, etc)
- Familiar with modern front end technologies like HTML5 / CSS3 / SCSS / etc
- Excellent communication skills

What's Casa?

One of the greatest promises of blockchains is the ability to give people back control of their own money - to "be their own bank". However, individuals today don't have the necessary tools to shoulder the responsibility that comes with the promise of fully owning their money. The largest barrier to adoption of cryptocurrency is the ability for people to feel safe using it, and we're tackling that problem head on.

At Casa, we're developing the full sovereign toolset - what we call "Sovereignty as a Service" - to help users take back control of their data and money. We're at the forefront of security and UX for the crypto industry, and we're striving to help people secure their digital lives.

Casa is the right place for you if..

- You're passionate about the power of Bitcoin and other decentralized systems, and want to shape the next wave of computing
- You love solving problems that no one has ever solved, while working with a fast-paced & thoughtful team
- You're self-motivated and work well in a distributed team environment
- You want to build products that people love and use to improve their lives daily

We're passionate about helping people become true Sovereign Individuals. If you're ready for this mission, apply today!

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