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Developer Evangelist at Tendermint

San Francisco | Engineering | Full-time | Updated: April 30, 2019, 7:40 p.m.

Job Description

About Tendermint Inc

Tendermint Inc builds and maintains critical state-of-the-art infrastructure for decentralized applications, such as Tendermint Core & Cosmos SDK. We are also the primary builder of the Cosmos Network, a decentralized network of independent, scalable, and interoperable blockchains.

How we Work

We are a distributed team across the globe. Our headquarters is in the San Francisco Bay Area, and we have hubs in Berlin, Toronto, and New York City. We leverage agile methodologies to move quickly and stay focused. Communication is important to us and we rely heavily on Slack, Zoom, and GitHub to help us stay in sync. Everything we build is open source and available on GitHub.

About the Position

The Developer Marketing team at Tendermint Inc is looking for a developer evangelist with a coding background, who also excels at public speaking and/or technical writing. We’re looking for the right person to inspire and empower developers around the world to build Cosmos powered application-specific blockchains via our SDK. You will execute plans to expand our community reach and drive the engagement funnel among developers through technical content, video tutorials, compelling storytelling, community management, hackathons and relevant campaigns. You will also create an active, welcoming community for Cosmos via local/regional meetups, and speak at conferences and events.

This is a full time position and is located in the San Francisco Bay Area, Berlin or New York City.


Increase developer adoption of the Cosmos SDK by engaging directly and attracting developers who are new to the Cosmos Network

Be a thought leader in the blockchain developer community; contribute to online forums and channels such as Stack Overflow, Reddit, Riot, Telegram, Forum, Slack, etc

Identify high quality blockchain and crypto-related events around the Bay Area (and potentially Southern CA) to network and generate leads for the developer relations team

Create outreach programs for the Go developer community

Create technical content for our blog, marketing campaigns, webinars, etc to show developers how to create application-specific blockchains tailored to their needs

Plan and execute cost-effective, scalable, data-driven workshop and meetups in the local and regional community to increase the adoption of our products

Coordinate with other developer evangelists to align on the strategy and plan

Educate and empower developers, giving technical workshops, doing live code demos and speaking at conferences

Measure the effectiveness of our workshops, meetups and outreach

Act as a hub among development teams, engineers, documentation writers, and support teams in sharing feedback from the community and having simple questions answered

Actively monitor our repos to ensure community developers are engaged

Assist partner developers providing architectural and technical guidance

Contribute to the developer relations team’s OKRs - # of zones launched on Cosmos

Preferred Requirements

Software engineering background with a Computer Science degree or 2+ years working as an engineer (or equivalent)

Proven ability to communicate information orally and verbally - experience creating technical articles and blog posts, and giving talks in front of a large group of people

A history of engaging with developer communities in-person (hackathons, conferences, meetups etc) and online (social media, community forums, reddit, other channels)

You have led technical workshops and developer education initiatives

Fluency explaining complex concepts in a simple, holistic, and enjoyable way

Experience with open source projects, knowledge of the developer tools ecosystem and a desire to build healthy communities around Cosmos and Tendermint Core’s offerings

Friendly approach to teaching others; understanding of and empathy for developers

You spend a lot of time writing code to continue to stay on top of developer trends that will inform your presentations and tutorials

Willingness to travel to developer events across the globe a few times each year, and stay productive and professional on the road

A deep interest in decentralized applications and the communities around them

Hustling skills - get out there, meet people and make connections in unexpected places; be an advocate for Cosmos’ next-generation blockchain developer tool

What we Offer

The opportunity to be part of building the future of the internet

Flexible work schedule

Excellent benefits like educational budget, fitness and wellbeing spend

At least 4 weeks of paid vacation

Competitive salary package, including equity

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