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Front End Engineer at Casa

New York City | Engineering | Full-time | Updated: April 11, 2019, 10:30 a.m.

Job Description

The Role

Casa is seeking an experienced customer success professional to take on current customer support responsibilities, eventually improving and scaling our customer success function. Initial responsibilities include answering support tickets, building our knowledge base, and delivering support analytics to the product team.

Skill Set
- At least 2-3 years experience in customer support or success -- consumer products or internet product companies preferred.
- Phenomenal people skills -- the ability to empathize & create instant rapport with a customer.
- A background in or deep understanding of branding, voice, and creating messaging designed for brand & experience cohesion.
- Analytical problem solving skills -- must have a technical aptitude & be a quick learner.
- Preferred but not required -- Command line experience with running/writing simple scripts & knowledge of home networking (e.g. troubleshooting WiFi network setups).
- An interest and budding expertise in Bitcoin and blockchain as a new paradigm for users to take back their sovereignty online.

You Will:
- Solve problems for Casa customers across a variety of channels - including support ticket queue, one-on-one calls, social media, and more. This will be your primary responsibility for the first 6 months.
- Aggregate data on customer issues & present data to client services & product team weekly.
- Maintain & develop the public-facing knowledge base.
- Observe & eventually lead 1:1 technical support sessions with customers -- bringing data back to work with operations and product leadership to make strategic decisions about the offering and future products based on client issues.
- Initially focus on managing customer success for the Casa Node, a consumer electronic home device which runs a full Bitcoin and Lightning Network node, but quickly move to providing support across our other products.
- Build, train, and lead the customer support team over time

What's Casa?

One of the greatest promises of Bitcoin is the ability to give people back control of their assets - to "be their own bank". However, individuals today don't have the necessary tools to shoulder the responsibility that comes with the promise of fully owning their assets & digital lives. The largest barrier to adoption of crypto is the ability for people to feel safe and comfortable using it, and we're tackling that problem head-on.

At Casa, we're developing tools to help you maximize your personal sovereignty and safety. We're at the forefront of security and UX for users wanting more control over their digital lives, building solutions for multisig key management and the Casa Node.

We're passionate about helping people become true Sovereign Individuals. If you want to join us on our mission, drop us a line: jobs[at]team.casa.

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