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Security Researcher at Zeppelin

Global | Security | Full-time | Updated: April 25, 2019, 10:54 a.m.

Job Description

Zeppelin leads the industry in developing standards for architecting and deploying smart contract systems in public blockchains. We build open source infrastructure and conduct in-depth security audits on high-impact smart contract systems.

In the Research team, we are in charge of carrying out code audits for high-profile projects (Coinbase, Augur, the Solidity compiler), who trust us for security advice. We also perform more open-ended research on automated smart contract analysis and other bleeding edge topics such as frontrunning, formal verification, and layer 2 solutions.

What you'll do
Analyze the security of smart contracts and decentralized applications.

Write detailed, engaging reports on the vulnerabilities of those systems.

Conduct open-ended research around cutting edge blockchain technologies.

Who we're looking for
You are extremely detail oriented.

You are a self-starter that works independently, with minimal supervision.

You possess an advanced english level and great communication skills (oral and written).

You are passionate about the blockchain space and decentralization.

You are comfortable working with a remote team.

You may have prior experience in computer security.

You may have experience in blockchain technologies.

You may have some knowledge in the Solidity programming language.

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