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Software Engineer at Zeppelin

Global | Engineering | Full-time | Updated: April 25, 2019, 10:56 a.m.

Job Description

Zeppelin leads the industry in developing standards for architecting and deploying smart contract systems in public blockchains. We build open source infrastructure and conduct in-depth security audits on high-impact smart contract systems.

Zeppelin builds the industry security standard for architecting and deploying smart contract systems in public blockchains. We proudly build the most widely used open source infrastructure tools: the OpenZeppelin smart contracts library powers 3000 public projects and has over 6500 Github stars, while the ZeppelinOS development toolset is leading the way in upgradeability and secure code reuse. We also conduct in-depth system security audits to high-impact smart contract systems, such as Augur, the RCN token, or the Solidity compiler. Learn more about us!

What you'll do
Design and implement open source developer tools for building Ethereum applications as well as reusable smart contracts packages.

Create decentralized web applications to support the Ethereum developer community.

Design and implement cryptoeconomic systems.

Help coordinate the open source community around the tools that we build.

Who we're looking for
You are a self-starter that works independently, with minimal supervision.

You have the desire to learn a new technology.

You posses active interest in blockchain technology, decentralization and cryptography.

You have a security oriented mindset - we are creating tools that will power applications worth millions of dollars and attractive to hackers.

You are interested in working in a collaborative environment.

You possess good communication skills.

You possess the skills that will enable you to work successfully in a team.

You have advanced english communication skills- most of our internal and external communication is in english.

You have experience with the following technologies: Node.js, Typescript, Javascript, React and Web3.js.

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